FA WC Winter 2019 transfer window

The transfer window for professional players was open from the 27 Dec 19 to the 23 Jan 20. It is still open for non contract players.

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals


Aston Villa

In : Asmita Ale, Sophie Maierhofer ( University of Kansas)



Sheffield United

In : Rhema Lord-Mears ( Blackburn Rovers), Mollie Green ( Manchester United – loan), Emily Ramsey ( Manchester United – loan)

Out : Ellie Fletcher ( Liverpool – end of loan), Megan Tinsley ( Derby County)


Durham Women

In: Eleanor Dale ( Middlesborough)

Out: Megan Bell ( Rangers WFC), Lisa Robertson ( Celtic FC )


London City Lionesses


Out: Amber Gaylor ( Crystal Palace)


London Bees:


Out: Lucy Loomes ( Hounslow)


Blackburn Rovers

In: Missy Bo Kearns ( Liverpool – loan), Ellie Fletcher ( Liverpool), Levi Chambers-Cook (AFC Wimbledon), Lauren Perry ( Linfield),

Out: Lauren Davies, Danielle Whitham, Rhema Lord-Mears, ( Sheffield United), Jessica Holbrook, Alex taylor


Crystal Palace

In: Annabel Johnson, Aoife Hurley,  Amber Stobbs, Amber Gaylor ( London City Lionesses), Siobhan Wilson ( Charlton), Amy Taylor ( Lewes), Hannah Churchille ( Charlton)

Out: Ciara Watling ( Charlton), Ella Rutherford ( end of loan – Bristol)



In: Paula Howells ( unattached), Ellie Leek ( Charlton), Sophie Harris ( Brighton – loan)

Out: Amy Taylor ( Crystal Palace), Zoe Ness ( Glasgow Rangers)


Coventry United

In: Amber Hughes, Shannon O’Brien, Kate Evans, Simran Jahmat ( Leicester City) 

Out: Chenise Austin, Jade Formaston,  ErinSmith, Jodie Bartle ( Celtic FC)


Charlton Women

In: Chloe Mustaki, Ciara Watling ( Crystal Palace), Lise Janbu Eide, Pernille Gardien

Out: Charlotte Kerr, Renee Hector, Charlotte Devlin ( Leicester ), Ellie Leek ( Lewes), Siobhan Wilson ( Crystal Palace), Hannah Churchill ( Crystal Palace)


Leicester City

In: Ashleigh Plumptre (USC), Ella Rutherford ( loan – Bristol), Charlotte Devlin ( Charlton)

Out: Leigh Dugmore, Simran Jahmat ( Coventry ), Erin Riden ( B&WM – loan)



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