FA WSL Summer 2019 transfer window

The transfer window for professional players will be opened from the 14 June to the 05 Sep

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In  4: Leonie Maier (FC Bayern), Jill Roord(FC Bayern), Manuela Zinsberger (FC Bayern), Louise Quinn, Jennifer Beattie (Man City), 

Out 2 :  Sari Van Veenendaal, Dominique Bloodworth ( Wolfsburg)


Manchester City

In 4 : Ellen White ( Birmingham City), Karen Bardsley, Ellie Roebuck, Matilde Fidalgo ( SC Braga), Laura Coombs ( Liverpool), Aoife Mannion ( Birmingham)

Out 5 :  Nikita Parris (Olympique Lyonnais), Abbie McManus (Manchester United), Claire Emslie ( Orlando Pride), Melissa Lawley (Liverpool) , Jennifer Beattie (Arsenal), Keira Walsh (-), – (-), – (-)


Birmingham City

In 3: Emma Follis, Claudia Walker ( Everton), Connie Scofield, Rachel Williams, Abbi Grant ( Anderlecht), Harriet Scott, Brianna Visalli ( West Ham)

Out 9 : Ellen White ( Manchester City), Meaghan Sargent ( Bristol), Charlie Wellings ( Bristol), Hayley Ladd (Manchester United), Lucy Quinn (Tottenham Hotspurs) , Aoife Mannion ( Manchester City), Marisa Ewers ( Aston Villa), Shania Hayles, Paige Williams



In 2 : Guro Reiten ( LSK), Sophie Ingle, Jade Bailey ( end of loan – Reading)

Out 4 :  Hedvig Lindhal ( Vfl Wolfsburg), Jade Bailey ( Liverpool), Elizabeth Durack ( retirement), Ali Riley ( FC Bayern)



In 2 : Rachel Rowe, Fara Williams, Kristine Leine (Roa), Angharad James ( Everton), Mayumi Pacheco, Sophie Howard, Molly Batrip, Lily Woodham

Out 3: Rebecca Jane (Liverpool), Kirsty Pearce ( retirement), Jade Bailey ( end of loan – Chelsea), Gemma Davison ( Tottenham Hotspurs)



In 5 : Gemma Evans, Abi Harrison, Sophie Baggaley, Meaghan Sargent ( Birmingham), Charlie Wellings ( Birmingham), Loren Dykes, Frankie Brown, Carla Humphrey, Florence Allen, Yana Daniels ( Liverpool), Jamine Matthews ( Liverpool), Ebony Salmon ( Manchester United)

Out 7 : Julie Biesmans ( PSV Eindhoven), Danique Kerkdijk ( Brighton), Juliette Kempi, Alicia Johnson, Lucy Graham ( Everton), Rosella Ayane ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Heather Payne,


West Ham

In 3 : Esmee de Graaf, Anna Moorhouse, Kate Longhurst, Laura Vetterlein ( SC Sand), Martha Thomas ( Le Havre), Jacynta Galabadaarachchi ( Perth Glory)

Out 7 : Lucienne Reichardt ( retirement), Claire Rafferty ( retirement), Rosie Kmita,  Brianna Visalli ( Birmingham), Rebecca Spencer ( Tottenham Hotspurs), Jane Ross ( Manchester United), Ria Percival ( Tottenham Hotspurs)



In 3 : Sophie Bradley, Rebecca Jane (Reading) Melissa Lawley ( Man City), Jade Bailey ( Chelsea), Anke Preuss, Fran Kitching

Out 4 : Laura Coombs (Manchester City), Leandra Little (Sheffield United), Yana Daniels ( Bristol), Jasmine Matthews ( Bristol)



In  3: Danique Kerkdijk ( Bristol), Matilde Skovsen ( VSK Aarhus), Megan Walsh ( Yeovil), Amanda Nilden, Ini Umotong, Fern Whelan, Emily Simpkins, Jodie Brett, Kirsty Barton, Laura Rafferty, Victoria Williams, Fliss Gibbons, Kate Natkiel, Sophie Harris, Aileen Whelan, Beth Roe, Danielle Buet, Kayleigh Green, Megan Connolly

Out 4: Lucy Gillett, Sophie Perry, Marie Hourihan ( SC Braga), Chloe Peplow ( Tottenham Hotspurs)



In 4 : Kika Van Es ( Ajax), Tinja-Riikka Korpela (Valarenga), Gabby George, Georgia Brougham, Megan Finnigan, Taylor Hinds, Hannah Cain, Simone Magill, Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah, Lucy Graham ( Bristol), Molly Pike ( Chelsea Academy), Maeva Clemaron ( FC Fleury)

Out 8 : Dominique Bruinenberg, Siri Worm (Tottenham Hotspurs), Olivia Chance, Rebecca Flaherty ,Emma Brownlie, Claudia Walker ( Birmingham), Faye Bryson, Angharad James (Reading)


Manchester United

In 5 : Jackie Groenen ( 1. FFC Frankfurt), Abbie McManus (Manchester City), Hayley Ladd ( Birmingham), Jane Ross (West Ham), Mary Earps ( Wolfsburg)

Out 4 : Charlotte Devlin, Naomi Hartley ( Sheffield United), Lucy Roberts, Ebony Salmon ( Bristol)



In 7 : Rebecca Spencer ( West Ham), Ria Percival ( West Ham), Siri Worm ( Everton), Chloe Peplow ( Brighton), Rosella Ayane ( Bristol), Gemma Davison ( Reading), Lucy Quinn ( Birmingham), Chloe Morgan, Jenna Schillaci, Lucia Leon, Ashleigh Neville, Josie Green, Anna Filbey, Sophie McLean, Coral Haines, Jessica Naz, Angela Addison, Rianna Dean

Out 7 : Emma Beckett, Megan Wynne, Renee Hector, Sarah Wiltshire, Bianca Baptiste, Anne Meiwald, Wendy Martin,  Ryah Vyse,




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