FA WC Summer 2019 transfer window

The transfer window for professional players will be opened from the 14 June to the 05 Sep

This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In 3 : Megan Bell ( Linfield), Iris Achterhof ( Old Dominion Uni), Molly Sharpe ( Barry University), Hannah Reid, Kathryn Hill, Lisa Robertson, Sarah Wilson, Sarah Robson, Beth Hepple, Nicki Gears, Megan Borthwick, Becky Salicki, Ellie Christon, Emily Roberts, Lauren Briggs, Abby Holmes, Rachel Lee

Out 3 : Abi Cottam, Chloe Knott, Zoe Ness 



In 7 : Charlotte Kerr, Riva Casley ( London City Lionesses), Georgia Evans ( Yeovil Town), Ellie Leek ( Le Havre), Lois Euchan ( Le Havre), Maddie Phillips ( Chelsea Academy), Alice Griffiths ( Cardiff met), Jaime Gotch ( Reading Academy), Rachel Newborough ( Boston College)

Out 7 : Ellie Bailes, Chloe Brunton-Wilde, Amelia Ritchie, Hayley West, Amber Stobbs ( retirement), Lilly Agg, Harley Bennett


Sheffield United

In 5 : Katie Wilkinson ( London Bees), Naomi Hartley ( Manchester United), Leandra Little ( Liverpool), Olivia Fergusson ( Yeovil), Kerri Matthews ( York City RTC)

Out 8 : Sophie Jones ( retirement), Ellie Gilliat ( Derby County), Tania Marsden, Danielle Cox, Nikki Davies, Nicole Kemp, Georgia Stevens, Jodie Hartley 


Aston Villa

In 4 : Marisa Ewers ( Birminhgam), Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Leicester), Melissa Johnson ( Leicester), Emily Syme ( Yeovil)

Out 6 : Aja Aguirre, Alison Hall, Ashlee Brown, Hayley Crackle, Hollie Gibson, Tanisha Smith



In 7 : Aime Everett ( Liverpool), Lachante Paul ( Arsenal Academy), Annabel Blanchard ( Liverpool Academy), Paige Bailey-Gayle ( Arsenal Academy), Lia Cataldo ( London City Lionnesses), Grace Riglar ( Bristol)

Out 4 : Ella Franklin-Fraiture ( Aston Villa), Melissa Johnson ( Aston Villa). Rosie Axten ( Coventry), Charlotte Clarke ( Stoke City),


London Bees

In : Lee Burch ( manager – Yeovil), – (-), – (-), Sarah Quantrill

Out 5 : Rachel Yankey ( manager), Paula Howells, Katie Wilkinson ( Sheffield United), Destiny Toussaint, Annabel Johnson, Rachel Unitt



In 5 : Katie McIntyre, Amy Taylor, Danielle Lane, Samantha Quayle, Caitlin Hayes ( Barcelona FA), Ella Powell ( Georgia State University), Ellie Noble ( Oxford United), Faye Baker, Emma Jones ( Cardiff City), Rhian Cleverly ( Le Havre), Jess King

Out 4 : Rebecca Carter (Crawley Wasps), Leeta Rutherford (Crystal Palace), Nina Wilson, Charlotte Owen ( Crawley Wasps)


Crystal Palace

In 4 : Leeta Rutherford ( Lewes), Amy Goddard  ( Yeovil), Cherelle Khassal ( Chichester), Freya Holdoway, Lucy Gillettt ( Brighton)

Out :


London City Lionesses

In :   – (-), – (-), – (-), – (-),

Out 2: Riva Casley ( Charlton), Lia Cataldo ( Leicester)



In :

Out 1 : Lynda Shepherd ( retirement)



In 6 : Helen Dermody Beth Merrick Jade Formaston, Maz Gauntlett, Nikki Miles, Erin Riden, Shannon O Brien. Katie Morris ( Chorley FC), Rosie Axten( Leicester), Jodie Bartle ( Loughborough Foxes), Rebecca Anderson ( unattached), Erin Smith ( Leafield), Susan Wood, Sian Johnson

Out 4 : Rosie McDonnell, Natasha Merritt, Lois Jefferies ( Wolves), Georgina Presswell




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