FA WSL Winter 2018 transfer window

The transfer window will be open from the 28th of December  to the 24th of January and is now closed


This week’s transfers
Confirmed transfers
Extended contracts
Possible deals



In :  Ann-Katrin Berger ( Birmingham), Jade Bailey

Out : Jade Bailey ( Reading – loan), Libby Smith ( Leicester)


Manchester City

In :

Out : Nadia Nadim ( PSG), Mie Jans ( FC Rosengard)



In : Janni Arnth ( Linkopings), Lisa Evans, Anna Miedema, Katrin Veje (MHSC)

Out :



In : Rakel Hönnudóttir (IF LB07)

Out :



In : Hannah Hampton, Claudia Walker ( Everton -loan), Alex Brooks ( Sheffield)

Out : Ann-Katrin Berger ( Chelsea)



In : Jemma Purfield ( Arizona State Uni)

Out :


Bristol City

In : Abi Harrison ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Katie Rood ( Lewes- loan)



In : Emma Brownlie ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Claudia Walker ( Birmingham – loan)



In : Rachel Mclauchlan ( Hibs Ladies)

Out : Leah Burridge ( Plymouth), Shannon Albuery ( Portsmouth – loan), Chloe Lloyd ( Cardiff – loan)



In : Megan Connolly ( FSU)

Out : Lucy Gillett ( Crystal Palace – loan), Sophie Perry ( Lewes – loan)


West Ham

In : Cho So-Hyun (Avaldsnes IL), Adriana Leon ( Seattle Reign)

Out :


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