The battle for the Champions League places Matchday 4

The top two teams are staying put but the chasing pack has now closed the gap to one and two points respectively. Matchday 5 could see the top two teams unseated and replaced by new contenders. Results Birmingham 2 Man City 3 Chelsea 2 Brighton 0 Liverpool 0 Reading 1 Bristol Everton P-P   BigContinue reading “The battle for the Champions League places Matchday 4”

More information on the Women Ballon d’Or

France Football have announced last week that they would create the women Ballon d’Or trophy, they have given us more information in the magazine’s paper edition. The new trophy is first mentioned in the editorial and FF says they created Le Ballon d’Or Feminin “because the women are worth it “. They also said the votingContinue reading “More information on the Women Ballon d’Or”