The FA Women’s Championship promotion race Matchday 2

There are three teams with an 100% record at the top of the table. Man United, Lewes and Spurs. United are way ahead on goal difference and are likely to cruise at the top the whole season.

One curious statistic, there have been no draw so far in the competition, ten games ten wins.


Man United  3 Sheffield United 0

Charlton 2 Aston Villa 0

Leicester 0 Spurs 3

Lewes 2 Palace 1

London Bees 2 Millwall 1

Big win for Spurs away to Leicester, a difficult place to go to. Lewes won the battle of the ex FA WPL teams and stay in the promotion places. Bees struggled to beat a young Millwall side who played very well on the night, while Bees were under par and a bit sluggish at time.

Charlton recorded their first win in their game opener against an Aston Villa side that currently sits at the bottom of the table, but with no relegation threat as no one will drop down from the Championship due to the current uneven number of teams in the division.

1 Man United 6 pts +15 pl 2

2 Lewes 6 pts +4 pl 2


3 Spurs 6 pts +4 pl 2

4 Charlton 3 pts +2 pl 1

5 Durham 3 pts +2 pl 1

6 London Bees 3 pts 0 pl2

7 Leicester City 3 pts -1 pl2

Tomorrow’s games will see many promotion contenders face-off, so the table might get clearer that it is at the moment where seven teams are currently vying for the top two places.

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