All D1 Feminine games to be shown live on tv in 2018/19

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The Canal Plus group has won the tv rights for the D1 Feminine for three seasons 2018-21*. Until now, Eurosport and France television were showing around a dozen games each. The FFF had decided to speed up the tv broadcasting development by offering the D1 Feminine rights to the channels who could show ALL the games live from this season. Canal + has won the battle and therefore it is a huge step forward for women’s football in term of media exposure.

There will be two main games on every matchday. One on Saturday that will be the leading game on Canal + Sport with the League game snow moved from their traditional Sunday spot to Saturday afternoon. The games will now take place at 2.30 pm.

Then the second main game will be played on Sundays at 3pm on Canal + Sport again. The remaining four games will be broadcast live on Saturdays on Foot + allowing the fans to either follow their favorite team for the whole game or  watch the leading Saturday game but without missing the key moments from the other games via the multiplex system.

Then during the half-time break from the Ligue 1 game ( men’s football) shown live on Canal + at 5pm, there should be a 12 minutes highlight show on the D1 Feminine. As usual with any Canal + football game, journalist and consultants/pundits will be commentating from the sidelines.  The Canal + group is hoping to drum up interest in the women’s game, as this season will lead us to the FIFA WWC that will take place in France in June 19.


Highlights to be shown in multiple Canal + football programs

They have decided to boost the D1 Feminine coverage with many stories and articles to be added to the highlights that will be shown in the main football programs like Jour de Foot on Saturday evenings. On Sundays afternoon, during the half-time show from the Ligue 1 game, shown on Canal +, the highlights from the D1  Feminine Sunday games will be also shown. Then in the evening, the Canal Football Club will also show the highlights from the afternoon game.

Laure Boulleau, the former France and PSG player has just signed up for the Canal Football Club following her retirement from football and therefore will deliver her expertise on the Ligue 1 and D1 Feminine. And finally, the J+1 and Late Football Club will  have players and coaches from women’s football in those shows during the season.

This is major investment for Canal + who have decided to be major actor of the women’s football development in France. IT will be up to the players and coaches to offer and entertaining football. Investments  have already been made to upgrade the facilities at the different clubs as there will be six cameras positioned around the pitches.
Improvements in the stands and publicity boards have also been requested to the clubs as everything needs to be ready in the less than a month when the season starts. As mentioned by the paper Le Parisien, Canal + has paid  6 M€ over 5 years ie 1,2 M€ per season. A huge increase from the previous contract signed in 2011 ( 110 000 €) and 2017 ( 200 000 € )
* five years contract as per the end of the article

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