FA WSL 2 Winter Transfer window 2017

The transfer window opens on the 29th of December and closes on the 25th of January

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts

Possible deals


Doncaster Belles

In : Leandra Little, Rebecca Rayner, Rhiannon Roberts, Jessica Sigsworth, Sophie Walton, Kirsty Smith

Out : Christie Murray, Chloe Peplow ( end of -loan, Brighton)


Durham WFC

In :

Out :


Sheffield FC

In :

Out :


London Bees

In :  Danielle Lea ( AFC Fylde), Merrick Will ( Watford), Katie Wilkinson ( Aston Villa), Chelsea Jumratie, Taylor O’ Leary ( 2 years), Grace Taylor ( Millwall)

Out :  Jo Wilson, Sydney Hinchliffe ( Watford Ladies), Katherine Huggins ( Watford Ladies)


Aston Villa

In : Amy Goddard ( Bristol City – loan), Ellen Martin, Asmita Ale, Elizabeta Ejupi

Out : Katie Wilkinson ( London Bees), Hannah George


Millwall Lionesses

In :

Out : Grace Taylor ( London Bees)


Oxford United

In :

Out : Charlotte Deeley ( Abingdon United)


Watford Ladies

In : Samantha Hallsworth ( Swindon Town), Katherine Huggins ( London Bees), Sydney Hinchcliffe ( London Bees)

Out : Kylie McCarthy ( Lewes Ladies), Keith Boanas, Alberto Kurti, Merrick Will ( London Bees), Lilli Maple ( Crystal Palace), Sarah Jones ( Crystal Palace), Rinsola Babajide ( Liverpool)


Brighton Women

In : Chloe Peplow ( Doncaster Belles), Amanda Nilden ( AIK), Marie Hourihan ( Manchester City – loan), Bethan Roe

Out :


Spurs Ladies

In :

Out :


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