New entrants to the FA WSL, what are the rules ?

The licensing process allows for new entrants to come in if one or more team fails to retain its current licence, but what do we know about what happens next ?

From the FA website, the only information we have is this sentence:

“Should a place in the FA WSL become available outside of promotion and relegation, it will be made available through an open application process.”

This raises more questions than answers. I previously had a look at the potential new entrants names here.

We don’t have any timeline of the open application process, which is strange to be honest. How can team barred from entering the phase 1 bidding, could be ready three months later to bid for a place ? Unless they get a hint from the FA, come mid-May when the licencing will be revealed and potentially teasm demoted to the FA WPL or below, again another question without answer, how can those new entrants prepare their bid not knowing the timeline ?

And then what if one team like City in did in 2014, comes with a superb bid? Considering all the WSL 1 places would be likely to have been decided in the normal licensing way prior to the open bid process, does that new team come to WSL 2 or does it goes straight to  WSL 1 and the lowest accepted WSL 1 bid ends up in WSL 2?

Obviously, there is absolutely no need to rush the application phase for potential new teams as licenses would be awarded for the 2018/19 season, 16 months after the licenses are awarded to the current WSL teams, but again as usual with the FA WSL, there is a lot of dark side and it is really annoying as it happens on a regular basis.


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