Division 1 Feminine Matchday 12 results

There was an important game at the top of the table and it might decide who will get in the Champions League next season, depending on what will happen for the OL PSG and MHSC OL games.


Some big results at the top of the table with Montpellier beating PSG, the first time MHSC has beaten a top 2 team in the League since Jean-Louis Saez took over the team. The Swedish mafia ( Jakobsson, Blackstenius) scored for Montpellier.

Juvisy lost ground in midweek, won on Sunday and announced tday that they would start merging with Paris Football Club. Clearly their amateur/ semi-professional model is not competitive against full time professional teams and they had to make a change to survive and try to be competitive again.

There was a lot of hype for Alex Morgan’s debut away to Guingamp and she started the game with Ada Hegerberg being dropped to make way for her. Hegerberg subbed in for Le Sommer at half time and Morgan lasted 73 minutes and was replaced by Lavogez.

Postponed game

St Etienne 2 Juvisy 0


Matchday 12 results

Guingamp 0 OL 3

Montpellier 2 PSG 1

Soyaux 2 Bordeaux 0

Juvisy 3 Albi 0

OM 3 Rodez 1

St Etienne Metz postponed



1 Lyon 30 pts  pl 11

2 Montpellier 30 pts pl 12

3 PSG 26 pts pl 11

4 Juvisy 16 pts 11

5 Guingamp 15 pts pl 11

6 OM 14 pts pl 11

7 St Etienne 13 pts pl 10

8 Soyaux 13 pts pl 11

9 Rodez 12 pts pl 12

10 Bordeaux 9 pts pl 12

11 Albi 7 pts pl 10

12 Metz 1 pt pl 10


The current table is distorted with teams having games in hand all over the place.

Metz are likely to go down unless they start winning games, while the second relegation place is wide open. In theory, no one except the top 3 teams are safe. Of course it will depend on Albi’s results with their two games in hand because if they win those, they could go as high as 7th in the table.

At the top the situation is clear, PSG are in danger of not qualifying for the champions league, a first since QSI took over the women’s team properly and bankrolled the changes.

Lyon can finish the season with 63 pts, Montpellier with 60 pts, PSG with 59 pts maximum, unless they can get something on appeal from the Matchday 1 game lost by penalty. PSG obviously hoping for the game to be replayed and then win it again.


If we consider that the top 3 teams will beat all the team ranked 4th to 12, the crucial remaining head to head games will be played on :

Matchday 15  Montpellier-Lyon 26th of Feb

Matchday 21 Lyon – PSG 14th of May




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