The FA WSL Spring Series schedule

The FA have released the Spring Series schedule and as usual it is a mix bag of good things and bad things. Here I will have a look the potential postponement during the series.

First it has to be said that the FA try her best to get it right but there are many parameters that prevent them to do so, some of them are out of their hands actually. The full schedule can be found here.

Let’s start with the FA WSL 2, the scheduling is great and full credit to the FA. The nine rounds are all played at week-end, which makes it easy and consistent for the fans to attend games.

But there are a couple of curious glitches, that are not logical at all.

Round 2 is split over two week-ends with two games placed at the same time as the FA Women’s Cup Round 4. Doncaster v Villa on the Saturday and Everton v Durham on the Sunday.

Do they FA expect of those four teams to lose in the FA Women’s Cup third round ? I don’t think that all four teams will lose in the FA Cup Round 3.

Round 3 of the FA WSL 2 Spring Series is played during the SheBelieves/Algarve/Cyprus/Istria Cup. Those four tournaments are played at FIFA dates and it is compulsory to release the players.

So the FA is banking on club breaking the FIFA rules or the fact that there are no foreign international players in FA WSL 2, which is my guess.  So teams might be depleted and force to play with whoever is still around on the day.

And if teams don’t have enough players, they can forfeit the game as it has happened to the Arsenal Ladies development team as the third of the team was at the U17 world Cup and could not field a team.

Round 5 same situation, FIFA international window for games, team can lose players and would still have to play or could postpone games depending on the Spring Series regulations.

In term of FA WSL 1 problems it is mainly linked to Manchester City playing in the Champions League, they could have up to three games postponed if they can beat Brondby in the WCL quarter-finals.

These are actually Round 1 and 2 of the FA WSL 1 Spring Series and as unlikely as it is, should City beat Lyon or Wolfsburg and reach the final, they would have to play Round 9 two days after the Champions League final. It would be an unrealistic demand on the player’s body.

This is not taking into account the postponement due to bad weather as we know it never happens in England, a country where the sun shines 300 days per year. All the pitches are always clean and dry all year round, of course.

So if things go right 100% of the fixtures will be played as scheduled and if things go wrong 90% should be played as scheduled. We will see how things will turn. Hopefully it will be a great half season with plenty of entertainment.



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