FA Women’s Cup Round 3 draw

The FA WSL 2 teams are entering the competition alongside the 14 winners from the previous round, here are the matchup  :


Note, there are 3 different levels represented in this round, level 2 FA WSL 2, level 3 FA WPL Northern and Southern and level 4 FA WPL Division 1 South East, South West and Northern.


WSL 2 v WSL 2 (0)

Millwall Lionesses v London Bees

Doncaster Belles v Watford Ladies


WSL 2  v FA WPL Southern (1)

Charlton Women v Sheffield Ladies*

Coventry United v Oxford United*


WSL 2 v FA WPL Southern EastDivision 1 (2)

AFC Wimbledon v BrightonWomen *


WSL 2 FA WPL Southern West Division 1 (2)

Keynsham Town v Durham*

Aston Villa* v Cambridge United


WSL 2  v FA WPL Northern Division 1 (2)

Brighouse v Everton*


FA WPL Northern v FA WPL Northern (0)

Derby County v Forest Ladies


FA WPL Northern v FA WPL Southern (0)

West Brownwich Albion v Lewes Ladies

Blackburn Rovers v Tottenham Hotspurs


FA WPL Northern v FA WPL Northern Division 1 (1)

Leicester Women* v Liverpool feds


Games to be played on the 5th of February, opening game on the 2017 season for the FA WSL 2 teams. Higher division team in *

My prediction is up to five FA WSL 2 teams might be eliminated. There will be two of them who will go out at least. Sheffield, Oxford, Durham and Aston Villa, will be to be on their toes fro the first competitive game of the 2017 season.


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