Southampton Women v Swindon Town

With no FA WSL development game around, I turned my attention to the FA Women’s Cup game that was postponed last week, Southampton v Swindon.

If you want a real and proper match report, please go to as they should publish it on the website tonight or tomorrow. You can also see pictures from the game here :

For those who don’t know me, I am an Arsenal Ladies fan but with no first team or reserves game, I decided to watch a different game this Sunday. Note that I actually had plan A,B,C and D, in case of games being postponed due to pitch not being playable.

So I set off early on Sunday morning, took the 65 bus to Richmond and then expected to get the train to Clapham Junction. Of course I did not check the engineering work and it was a replacement bus from Reading to Clapham Junction. So I ended up taking the London Overground train up to Willesden Junction and back down to Clapham Junction.

After waiting to see if the game was likely to be postponed again, I set off for Basingstoke where I met Patrick and James, got some excellent French cheese and saucisson from the French market and did our car ride to the ground.

This the the part of the women’s footie games that I really enjoy ie meeting friends that I see at games and enjoy watching them together, making it a nice afternoon and also it is  nice to see players that I have seen play for many years and different clubs.

For example, at today’s game, I was glad to see Kirsty Whitton for Southampton. Kirst used to play for Yeovil and came back after a long term injury. I was also pleased to see Lois Colley in action, although she started the game on the bench. Lois used to play for Middlesex u17 and then London Bees before moving to the USA and came back in England this season and plays now for Swindon.

I find it nice to see how players evolve and improve through their career, for example I remember Gemma Davison back in 2004/05 and n0w a full international. or Ashelight Goddard from the Arsenal Academy time who went to De Paul Uni in Chicago and now plays for London Bees.

Back to the game and Swindon are playing two divisions above Southampton but on the day, we did not see the difference between the two sides. The sides were evenly matched and it was no surprise in the end to see a cup upset with Southampton winning by two goals to nil.

The first goal came in the first with a corner that the goalkeeper dropped while trying to catch it and it was finished from close range. The second goal came in the second half from a left footed a cross cum shot from the right wing that went above the goalkeepers head. she touched the ball but could not clear it.

Swindon could have come back into the game with a penalty that went high and wide and there was no fightback from there. What I noted is ball possession was quite equal with Southampton making good use of the ball throughout the game and Swindon struggling in general to create clear chances.

The two Southampton center backs were extremely solid and only when Swindon introduced two wingers, they started to stretch the Southampton defense. But it was too little to late.

Overall it was a well deserved victory for Southampton who were compact in defense and had a quality passing game throughout the 90 minutes. Cambridge United will be their opponents in the next round on the 8th of Jnauray.






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