The FA WSL 2 team of the year (as voted by the fans)

WSL Group Shot

Here we are. We had 37 votes, with many people actually not chosing 11 players for some reasons, here is your best FA WSL 2 11 as voted by you the fans.

The number of votes are in brackets and we will also have a bench with seven subs, the team is set in a 4-4-2 system as per the players who had the most votes by position.

Goalkeeper :

Charlotte Haynes (Yeovil) 5 votes

Defenders :

Helen Bleazard ( Yeovil) 12 votes

Carla Ward ( Sheffield) 12 votes

Deanna Cooper ( London Bees) 10 votes

Gabrielle George ( Everton) 8 votes

Midfields :

Jodie Brett ( Bristol) 10 votes

Chloe Arthur ( Bristol) 8 votes

Beth Hepple ( Durham ) 8 votes

Michelle Hinnigan ( Everton) 8 votes

Forwards :

Sarah Wiltshire ( Yeovil) 12 votes

Jo Wilson ( London Bees) 8 votes

This is a good and balanced line-up, Yeovil have three players, Bristol, London Bees and Everton have two players, Sheffield and Durham have one player each.

In term of substitute, there are seven players who reached seven votes so they would make the teams’ bench : Ellie Gilliat ( Sheffield), Grace McCatty (Bristol), Hannah Short ( Yeovil), Ashleigh Goddard ( London Bees), Millie Farrow ( Bristol), Jodie Michalska ( Sheffield), Ini Umotong ( Oxford)

Overall 9 goalkeepers, 27 defenders, 28 midfielders and 15 forwards received some votes with 33 out of those 79 players receiving a single vote.


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