Why I enjoy watching teams’ training sessions

I have been watching women’s football for nearly 15 years now and I see a lot of value in watching teams training sessions.

Today I was lucky enough to watch an Arsenal Ladies training session at London Colney and it was really an eye opener on some of the players. You can see things in training that explains why some players are picked while others are on the bench.

I was pleased  to see Rachel Yankey and Jodie Taylor in action, Taylor even managed to score a goal while Yankey was at left-back for the whole session. I will write more on today’s session once the season is over.

So through these years, I was lucky enough to be invited to many training sessions from French teams. For example, I saw the PSG women training sessions prior to the Glasgow Champions League away game and how they were setting up for the game the next day. I was also invited to watch training at Montpellier HSC when Jennifer Beattie arrived over there a few seasons ago.

I saw many training sessions from France WNT under Bruno Bini and a couple when Phillipe Bergeroo was the manager. I also witnessed a few sessions from France B teams and from the U19 side as well.

Those sessions help you understand the coaches’ philosophy and what they want to achieve in games. That’s why I find it sad that so you can’t really have access to the England teams the way you can for the France teams. I did manage to see a bit of an Emgland one back in Cyprus as England were training at the same time as France in the training complex, next to Larnaca’s airport 😉

I think, it was really interesting to see the Arsenal Ladies in training today as it confirmed what I have been seeing in term of performances from some players throughout the season.


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women's football fan since 1998

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