Manchester City win the FA WSL for the first time, what’s next for the other teams ?

Congratulations to Manchester City they really deserve to win the title. Unbeaten in 15 games with one to go to finish the season unbeaten.

Now the other teams will have to regroup and think of the way to challenge the citizens.

First, there is no doubt that having a huge budget and infrastructure is the way forward and other clubs should try to follow suit if they want to compete… or not.

The City model should not the single business model to follow to be succesful. I mean not every team can have the same level of resources offered to them.

Hopefully the FA do not want all WSL1 teams to be funded by their parent men’s club with millions of pounds spent.

Alternative business model should be allowed and able to flourish, although finding money via sponsorship and else is certainly difficult.

I would hope that FA WSL teams would follow Leicester City’s Premier League lead and build up a squad through clever recruitement with players that complement each other.

Then it is just a question of developing the team’s football via a solid gameplan and stick to it.

And for those who think City bought the title simply by spending money and nothing else. I can only say this another side had quite a bit of money and were nowhere near winning the title.

They actually were out of it by matchday 3. Money does not buy titles but it certainly contributes in a positive way. It’s up to the other sides to find a way to compete either with more money or better ideas.


2 thoughts on “Manchester City win the FA WSL for the first time, what’s next for the other teams ?

  1. Yes city spent a lot of money by drawing on already established stars but look deeper and theyve also tapped into the depthof young talent that is available in the North west of England.

    Alongside the established names like the scotts, the Duggans etc City also brought in one or 2, outside of the region, unknown names like the Walsh`s the Stanways etc.

    Those of us who are lucky enough to have seen these youth players develop understand the time and dedication from staff, coaches etc at clubs like Blackburn Rovers whos Centres of Excellence have developed some of our finest young talent to prepare them not only for the domestic stage but also in readying them for the world stage.

    There is so much young English talent out there dare the other clubs dip their toes in the water and not consign them to the development squads or will they brave, like City, and dare to include them in their first team squads?

    congratulations, City, but most of all congratulations for saying, “If youre good enough youre old enough,” rather than taking the easy route of looking overseas to bolster their squads.


  2. I would like to think , given the opportunity i could help one of those clubs at minimum make a contest of it …
    But thus far seems i still have some stigma attached , attended interviews having to do presentations and sessions where it seems 20 yrs experience APL and CPD are not sufficient and still getting knock backs , with some unbelievable excuses . cost me over £1000 to fly over for two recent interviews and that was not enough commitment to show i really wanted that chance .. Feels like time to walk away from womens game which in essence would maybe be a waste . Sound slightly bitter perhaps ; but more frustrated and disillusioned .


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