The race for the Champions League episode 3

Manchester City all but confirmed their Champions League place this week-end with their 2-0 win against Reading while Chelsea and Arsenal won their game to keep the fight alive for the second Champions League place.

Man City 2 Reading 0

Birmingham 0 Chelsea 4

Notts County 0 Arsenal 2



  1. City 35 pts + 29 pl 13
  2. Chelsea 25 pts +20 pl 11
  3. Arsenal 23 pts +11 pl 12

For City not to qualify for the Champions League they need to loose their remaining three League games and Arsenal to catch up on that 18 goals gap in goal difference. Considering City are still unbeaten in the League, this is unlikely to happen.

Chelsea and Arsenal will fight for the other Champions League spot, unless Chelsea manages to close that ten points gap. Something that will be difficult to achieve even with two games in hand.

The remaining fixtures for the three sides :

Chelsea v Notts County  01/09

Arsenal v Manchester City  11/09

Reading v Chelsea 11/09

Manchester City v Chelsea 25/09

Doncaster v Arsenal 06/10

Arsenal v Doncaster 30/10

Manchester City v Birmingham 30/10

Liverpool v Arsenal 06/10

Notts County v Chelsea 06/10


So Manchester City are 99% likely to qualify for the 2017/18 Champions League, with Chelsea favourites to get the second spot as they need to slip up twice to see Arsenal overtake them.





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