The FA WSL 2 promotion race ep6

Everton and Durham drawing 1-1 is a very good news for Yeovil and Bristol. It means none of the chasing teams can come back level with the top two teams with their game in hand.


The table looks like this


1 Yeovil 29 pts + 20 (13)

2 Bristol 27 pts + 12 (13)


3 Everton  22 pts +12 (12)

4 Durham 21 pts + 6 (12)


Maximum points for Everton is 40, while Durham can hit 39. It means Yeovil need 10 points from their last five games to get promotion. Bristol need 12 points from five.

Bristol v Everton will be another crucial game in two weeks. If Everton win that game, they will close the gap to two points with a game in hand and would be virtually back in the promotion places.


Here are the remaining games for the top 4 teams ( in bold)

27.08 Bristol v Everton

28.08 Durham v Oxford, Sheffield v Yeovil

10.09 Bristol v Watford

11.09 Millwall v Durham, Everton v Oxford, Yeovil v London Bees

24.09 Bristol v Durham

25.09 Yeovil v Everton

09.10 Durham v Everton

29.10 Everton v Bristol

30.10 London Bees v Yeovil, Watford v Durham 

06.11 Durham v Millwall, London Bees v Everton, Oxford v Bristol, Yeovil v Sheffield

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