France 3 New Zealand 0 : squad rotation day

Phillipe Bergeroo took the calculated gamble to rest many players and give four players their first start in the competition in order to keep everybody fresh for the quarter-final and give important minutes to those who had not played so far.

Delannoy, Karchaoui, Lavogez and Thomis got their first start in the competition and Gerard the back-up goalie is now the only players without a minute on the pitch.

Those are the most likely starting 11 number:

It’s good to note that only 3 players have played 100% of the 3 matches game time : Renard, Houara and Bouhaddi.

In third, fourth  and fifth place Henry at 93.6%, Cadamuro at 92.5%  and Bussaglia at 91.4% of the maximum game time.

Then there is a clear drop in the number of minutes played : Abily 69.2%, M’Bock Bathy and Majri at 66.7%, those two players were under threat of suspension had they been booked against New-Zealand.  Diani comes next with 62.9% and then Le Sommer with 51.8% who will be therefore well rested before the Canada game.

For the remaining seven subs

Delie post a similar number of minutes played than Le Sommer coming off early in the last game due to injury with 50.3%

Thomis played 44.5% of the maximum game time, she seems to have been moved to the super-sub role for the tournament.

Lavogez with 41.4% is also a regular sub and saw the pitch in the three games.

Karchaoui and Delannoy got a game in the squad roatation keeping them sharp if needed at any time during the knock-out stage with 33.3%

Hamraoui with 9.6% is a tactical sub at defensive midfield to help the team in certain situation, but can also be a starter on the day if Henry is injured and a pure defensive midfield profile is needed.

Gerard the back-up goalie has 0% game time as expected even if, she might be a better goalie than Bouhaddi.

With a short turnaround of two days between games that squad rotation was needed and with a tough tough game against a strong Canada team who topped their group, Bergeroo did the right thing to keep some players ut of yesterday’s game.


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