Are Doncaster Belles doomed ? 

Another defeat at home to Birmingham with a single goal from Kirsty Linnett has condemned the Belles to their Seventh defeat in seven games. 

Of course the Belles are not doomed at all. They trail Reading by five points with a game on hand and Sunderland by six points with four games in hand. 

They basically need two wins while one of the other two relegation contender loses two games to get back in. 

They obviously need Reading and Sunderland not to pick any win in the meantime.

The biggest problem is getting that first win that will lift the players spirit and remove a lot of pressure. 

The fixture list days : City H, Liverpool A, Sunderland H, Reading H, Arsenal H, Liverpool H, Notts H, Arsenal A, Reading A

Liverpool, Sunderland and Reading are crucial games and a minimum of 6 points out of those three games will do. 

Any defeat against the other relegation contender would put the team in a very difficult situation. 

Any point against City and Arsenal would be a welcomed bonus as well. 

The League table does not lie. Three goals scored in seven and 23 goals conceded. Team defending need to improve as well as finishing. 

It is a tough job for Emma Coates and her staff to lift a team that keeps on losing. 

Hopefully they can get their first point on board as soon as possible because the table does not look great. No one wants to see a team at the bottom with no points, when they have played 44% of their games already.


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