Laura Georges out of Olympic squad

The France centre back is the second player who had to withdraw from the squad due to injury.

It is a sad news for the veteran PSG player as it could have been her last tournament with Les Bleues although she might be around for the 2017 Euros.

She has been replaced by another defender Montpellier’s Sakina Karchaoui who is upgraded from alternate.

Sandie Toletti also from Montpellier who was originally cut from the 26 players long list that trained in Brittany is now an alternate.

Sakina Karchaoui being a left back actually improves France attacking options, because it frees Amel Majri from the defensive work. She can now play again as the winger rather than a defender.

Sabrina Delannoy is now covering three defensive positions out of four, with Houara the covering player at left-back.

So Bergeroo favourite 11 might look like this is his currently favoured 4-5-1 :

Bouhaddi, Houara Renard M’Bock Bathy Karchaoui, Diani Abily Cadamuro Henry Majri, Le Sommer


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