Laure Boulleau out of the Olympics due to injury

The PSG left-back who has been injured for most the 2015/16 season has a right knee injury and will not compete in the Rio Olympics.

The FFF has confirmed she had an MRI scan that showed the injury. She has left the training camp.

The squad has therefore been reduced to 27 players and obviously Boulleau would have been in the 18 had she been passed fit, so she is freeing a place in the 18 and the players who was going to be one of the four  alternate will also leave a place available.

So here are the likely 18 players :

GK Bouhaddi, Gerard

DF Delannoy, Georges, Houara, Renard, Karchaoui, Majri, M’Bock Bathy

MF Abily, Bussaglia, Hamraoui, Henry, Necib, Thomis

FW Delie, Le Sommer

I can  only find 17 names that are guaranteed to go on the plane if not injured.

The alternate goalie in all logic should be Philllipe, so we are left with one place in the 18 and three alternates who will be chosen among those players imo :

Dali, Leger, Lavogez, Le Bihan with Bilbault and Diani the dark horses.

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