The dark side of the game

There is something that I really like about women’s football  : it is a small community with fans who mainly get on well with each other.

You also have access to players, coaches and admin people with ease as long as you try. And most of the people are friendly and helpful.

To see the dark side of the game and what happens behind the curtains is an eye opener. There is no doubt the FA WSL creation has helped women’s football to become more professional with all the positive and negatives that it implies.

I have seen and heard things that I did not like at all in the last month.

While primarily a fan of the Arsenal Ladies and therefore writing for the dailycannon website on all things Arsenal Ladies, I also write for the French website footofeminin covering the UEFA and FIFA tournament and France youth and senior teams.

It means I have come into informal contact with many people in the game. So it feels like one team has been set on the path to implosion in recent weeks.

One player that was released earlier in the season seemingly launched a chain reaction that has destroyed the core of the team and has led to the manager being dismissed.

The vicious and unproven (?) allegations have also led to a raft of player departures and the assistant manager is now steadying the ship and has signed  players to replace those who have left.

Obviously I cannot say much more than this due to the case still being in progress but suffice to say the dark side of the game is not one to enjoy.


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