FA WSL relegation battle ep 4

It looks to be a three horses race for the relegation battle as Notts County beat Doncaster while Sunderland was hammered at Arsenal and Reading did not play.

Notts County 2 Doncaster Belles 1

Arsenal 5 Sunderland 1


Notts County are now seven points of the bottom of the table Doncaster and ten goals ahead on goal difference. They are relatively safe as long as Doncaster, Reading and Sunderland don’t start a winning run.

Reading in seventh place did not play this week-end and therefore stay on four points in six games. No wins so far but only two defeats. Both happened against the Gunners. They have already completed their fixtures against Sunderland with two 1-1 draws.

They will play the Belles away as their 13th game while on final day, they will be at home to the Belles.

Sunderland in eight place have three points from seven. No win and three draws. Something has gone wrong and it actually started last season as their last League win was on the 25/07/2015, 11 months ago.

They are the team most at risk IF Doncaster Belles start picking  wins.

Doncaster have sacked their manager Glenn Harris after three games, something that still seems unlogical unless he had lost the dressing room. Emma Coates his assitant has taken over and her first game ended with a defeat at Notts County.

The Belles still have 75% of their League games to play, so have plenty of time to ctach up three or four points on the other two sides in danger.

Basicaly the first of these three times to register a win will have the psychological edge over the other two teams.


The upcoming games for the three teams are :

Sunderland v Chelsea 29/06

Sunderland v Doncaster 09/07

Liverpool v Reading 09/07

Birmingham v Sunderland 17/07

Sunderland v Arsenal 24/07

Chelsea v Doncaster 24/07

Reading v Birmingham 24/07

Doncaster v Birmingham 30/07

Man City v Sunderland 31/07

Reading v Notts County



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