FA WSL1 matchday 7 preview

The top 2 teams are playing tonight and it will interesting to see if they drop any points.


Liverpool (4) v Man City (1)

Can Liverpool be the first team to beat City? It will a very difficult task against a side that has yet to concede a goal in the League. Should they manage to get a least a point, it would make the title race slightly more open.

Chelsea (2) v Sunderland (8)

Both side are not in a positive trend at the moment with Chelsea having lost   games in a row and Sunderland nowhere near their level from last season.

Sunderland are in the relegation zone with no win so far and there is question mark about teams having found the way to counter them.

Chelsea will certainly have a lot of possession and Sunderland can hit them on the break as they did last season.

These games are the last ones before the mid-season break. A reminder that some teams will have played seven games while the poor Donnie Belles have played three and sit at the bottom of the table.



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