Awful scheduling means unfair pressure on Donnie Belles

I think we have reached a kind of new record in the FA WSL with one team at the mid season break with 0 point and three games played out of 16.

So there we are. An unbelievable situation where the Belles are chasing the pack, are under a lot of pressure to get their first points on board and they have three or four games on hand over the other relegation  threatened teams.

In the Premier league that would be the equivalent of having seven games or nine games on hand with the teams above the relegation zone. If you imagine at the half-way break  in the PL Norwich with seven games played during the season  while Sunderland would have played 14 and Newcastle 17 games, there would be a genuine outcry.

I know they have those games on hand but these are virtual points while the others have real points. I mean the Belles can collect 39 points in the second half of the season in theory, while Sunderland could get 33 and Reading 30. So in theory, the Belles are in a good position at the moment.

But the fact is the Belles have been continuously rooted to the bottom place of the FA WSL since the 24th of March ( except for one day on the 24th of April) and therefore will be there for a total of three months, with no real chance to get points on board and relieve the pressure is a disgrace.

The Belles result so far:

24th of March H Chelsea L 1-4

27th of April A Birmingham L 1-2

2nd of May A City L 0-6

Two games lost against the top two teams for a promoted side is an expected result result, while the Birmingham away was certainly a winnable game for the Belles. And in the meantime other sides will have played five, six or seven games overall at the mid season break.

This an horribly unfair competition and it cannot be more wrong than that. I know a nine team league format does not help but the whole fixture list has been an horror show since the beginning of the season.

Luckily for the Belles, Notts County with four points, Reading with four points and Sunderland with three points are very much within striking distance from them and a single win would see the relegation battle heat up seriously. But as long as they cannot find that elusive first win, the relegation threat will be looming large.

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