The FA WSL 2 promotion race ep 2

We have now reached matchday 6 out of 18 ie a third of the League and there are four clear contenders for promotion all within one point of each other.

Durham 1 Sheffield 0

Yeovil 2 Bristol 0

Aston Villa 0 Everton  2

An important win for Everton who are top of the table for the first time this season and also push Villa to the fifth place and open a four points gap with them.

Yeovil win the derby against Bristol and climbs up to the second place.

Durham win a  tight win against Sheffield consolidate their place in the chasing pack as they are a point behind the leaders.

The top 5 table :

1 Everton 13 pts + 10 pl5  2.6 ppg

2 Yeovil 13 pts + 8 pl 6 2.16 ppg


3 Bristol 13 pts +6 pl 6 2.16 ppg

4 Durham 12 pts + 6 pl 5 2.4 ppg

5 Aston Villa 9 pts -1 pl 6 1.5 ppg


Next games before the Summer break

London Bees v Durham

Everton v Millwall

Sheffield v Bristol

Yeovil v Aston Villa


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