England U19 double header against France

England U19 will have a training camp and play a double header soon against France U19 at St George’s Park.

From the FA news on the website :

Head coach Mo Marley has named an 18-player squad for the encounter which will take place at St. George’s Park on Thursday 2 June. The match will be open to friends, family and invited guests only.
As usual, the game is played behind closed door with friends and family invited with up to 4 guests  allowed at the game per player.
That information is in contradiction with the FFF information given by France U19 manager Gilles Eyquem :
“End of May beginning of June we will play two friendlies against England.”
So who can we believe, the FA or the FFF ? Is there a ghost game somewhere?
Then if you look at the right place you can find the following information :
Tuesday 31st of May
Match day
17.30 England v France Behind closed door – No spectators
 Thursday 2nd of June
Match day and depart
15.00 England v France St George’s Park
So there is definitely a double header with an hidden game by England for some reason. I am hoping to be able to attend the game on the 2nd of June, pending approval of course.  The ghost game on the 31st of May, well it is a no spectating one.
The France team will be preparing for the Euro finals in Slovakia while England will certainly test some younger players, who will be in the squad next season although they also have a U18 camp lined-up for the younger players.

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