The FA WPL promotion race to FA WSL 2 Ep 13

Things are hotting up in the Northern Division while in the Southern off the field problems are hitting Brighton.


Northern Division

SC Albion 4 Blackburn Rovers 0

1.Preston 49 pts + 51

2. SC Albion 43 pts +27

SC Albion have four games remaining and need 7 points out of them which is a big ask. Or they need six points and get 25 goals difference back in the process.

Their remaining fixtures are Huddersfield A 08/05, Forest A 12/05 , Bradford H 15/05 and Loughborough  Foxes A  TBA.

The promotion play-off will be played on the 29th of May, so SC Albion need to complete their fixtures list quickly.


Southern Division

Brighton won the title a long time ago now. Off the field actions have seen some curious development with a lot of people being sacked and players leaving the club.

See Send her forward for more information.



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