FA WSL 1 relegation battle ep 1

Now that we have reached a third of the competition we can have a look at the relegation contenders and their results on Matchday 5.

Notts County Ladies : big and important 3-2 win which puts them four points clear of bottom team Doncaster Belles and also dragging their opponent on the day back in the relegation fight.

Liverpool Ladies : after their opening day win against Birmingham they have drawn against Sunderland and lost the following two games. They still have a four points advantage on the Belles.

Birmingham City Ladies : earned a big point at Arsenal on Sunday and like the other two teams above them are four points clear of the Belles.

Sunderland Ladies : earned a point in the draw away to Reading and therefore three points clear of the Belles. They cannot slip-up as a Belles win could see them level with them

Reading Women : same situation as Sunderland, three points, three draws and three points ahead of the Belles. Need their first win quickly to get away from the red zone

Doncaster Belles : bottom of the table, no points a bad goal difference but, they have two games in hand and have already played Chelsea and Man City. The table is distorted with all those games in hand. Their next home game against a poor Arsenal side will be crucial.


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