FA WSL 1 relegation statistics

With the FA WSL 2 created in 2014, there have been two relegation from FA WSL 1 to FA WSL 2 so far and three seasons without relegation on the pitch. Let’s have a look at the numbers.



8th place Bristol   8 pts  2-2-10 (R)

7th place Liverpool 13 pts 4-1-9



8th place Everton 4 pts 0-4-10 (R)

7 th place Bristol 16 pts 5-1-8



No relegation on the pitch. Doncaster Belles demoted to FA WSL 2 after Matchday 1, when licence were renewed with Manchester City promoted to FA WSL 1 from the FA WPL.

8th place Doncaster 6 pts 1-3-10 (D)

7th place Chelsea 10 pts 3-1-10



8th place Liverpool  5 pts 1-2-11

7th place Doncaster 11 pts 3-2-9



8th place Liverpool 7 pts 1-4-9

7th place  Doncaster 9 pts 2-3-9


So here are the stats over the 5 seasons :

Average points for 8th place : 6 points

Average number of wins : 1 win

Average number of draws : 3 draws


Now, we have to take into account that there are now 16 games per season rather than 14 as in the previous 5 seasons. The history would suggest a minimum of 7 points should be needed to stay up. Any time with two wins could/should be safe. Statistics are just an indication and if the bottom half teams are stronger than in previous seasons, the bottom team could need as many points as the average for the 7 place over five years which is 11.8 points over 14 games and therefore 13.5 over 16 games.

So, the numbers say relegation should be settled between 7 to 14 points according to the previous history.

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