The FA WPL promotion race to FA WSL 2 Ep 12

Brighton win the Southern Division and all to play for in the Northern Division

Congratulations to Brighton & Hove Albion WFC who have won the FA WPL Southern on their last game of the season with a 2-1 away win at Spurs Ladies.

They will know compete in the FA WPL promotion play-off on the 29th of May at Adams Park ( Wycombe FC) against the Northern Division winner.

That division is wide open as all the teams have games in hand with the leaders PNE who have only one game remaining now.

It is currently a six horses race for the title and the promotion play-off place.

Latest results

Bradford 2 Blackburn 2

Derby 1 SC Albion 2

Newcastle 1 Forest 0

Stoke 1 PNE 2


  1. Preston 46 pts pl 21 +50 (maximum points 49)
  2. Stoke 38 pts pl 17 +31 ( mp 53)
  3. Blackburn 36 pts pl 17 +20 (mp 51)
  4. SC Albion  33 pts pl 14 +20 ( mp 57)
  5. Forest 33 pts pl 16 +16 ( mp  51)
  6. Bradford 31 pts pl 16 +15 ( mp49)

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