My FA WSL 2 2016 predictions

In the same way as I predicted the FA WSL 1 final places. Here are my FA WSL 2 predictions.

I used the same modus operandi as for the FA WSL 1  but my knowledge for the FA WSL 2 squads and players is not great, I’d say I probably know 40% of the players in the Division, so my ratings are probably not very accurate.

I have given a rating out of 20 to the nine clubs based on five criteria :

a) squad stability during the winter transfer window

b) youth/experience balance in the squad

c) players quality signed during the winter transfer window

d) training schedule, frequency  and environment quality

e) squad depth


Anyway here are the results :

1.Bristol 68 pts

2.Yeovil 67 pts

3.Everton Sheffield and Millwall 65 pts

6.Durham 64 pts

7.Oxford 57 pts

8.Aston Villa 55 pts

9. London Bees and Watford 50 pts


Note teams are likely to add more players before the season starts and those players might have a huge impact on the forthcoming results.

So I foresee five teams competing for promotion : Bristol, Yeovil, Everton, Millwall and newly promoted Sheffield who have many experienced players.

On the other side of the scale London Bees and Watford Ladies are obviously in a rebuilding process  and depending on who they will add to their squad in the next week, they could well finish mid-table.

If we look at the WSL 2 history, it looks like this :


  1. Reading 45 pts
  2. Doncaster 45 pts
  3. Everton 31 pts
  4. Yeovil 31 pts


  1. Sunderland 47 pts
  2. Doncaster 45 pts
  3. Reading 41 pts

My guess is the top teams won’t have it as easy as in the two previous seasons and the League will be won at 40 pts or less, as the overall League level is going up.



One thought on “My FA WSL 2 2016 predictions

  1. I don’t think you’ll be too far away with this Sylvain, although my allegiance is with Sheffield FC Ladies so I hope you get it totally wrong and the Red and Black finish top. 😉


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