FA Women’s Cup Round 5 predictions

First official game on the 2016 season for the FA WSL 1 sides who will be obviously rusty, so we might see a couple of upset in that round.



Birmingham City Ladies v Arsenal Ladies

A very open game and both side might be rusty, Birmingham have had a very stable transfer window keeping most of their players while Arsenal made a few additions. Gunners slightly favourite to go through, but Blues managed to beat the Gunners a few seasons ago thanks to a better team cohesion and that might happen again.

Doncaster Belles v Chelsea Ladies

The holders have a difficult game away to the Belles, they looked sharp on the attacking side but slightly uncertain on the defensive side. If the Belles can do damage limitations in defense they have a chance to go through.

Liverpool Ladies v Man City Women

This is the first official game of 2016 for both side, Liverpool have made a lot of changes so that game might come too early in term of  team cohesion for them. City have played high profile opponents in pre-season so should be ready on Sunday.



Reading Women v Millwall Lionesses

The FA WSL 1 side have played many pre-season friendlies including one against the Lionesses and will be favourite to go through. Millwall will need to raise their level and be clinical to have a chance to go through.

Notts County Ladies v Durham Women

The FA WSL 1 side should go through unless Durham manage to score first and park the bus as Notts are a strong defensive side with a lot of firepower against a WSL 2 side.

Yeovil Town v Sunderland Ladies

If Sunderland are rusty, they might end up like last season on the losing side, they were the only FA WSL 1 side eliminated 2 rounds  before the FA WSL 1 sides entered the competition. Yeovil will have to be at their best defensively and offensively to go through.


Aston Villa Ladies v Everton Ladies

It should be a tight game between two FA WSL 2 sides. Everton have a lot of attacking flair so should be able to scrap a win.


Brighton and Hove v SC Albion

Both sides are looking to win the title in their respective division and might meet again in May for the FA WPL play-off with the winner promoted to FA WSL 2. Brighton are in good form and are my favourite to go through.

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