France players minutes at SheBelieves cup and what it means for the Olympics squad

France ended at the bottom of the table of the SheBelieves tournament with one point scoring 0 goal and conceding 2. A disappointing performance overall for a team currently in the third place in the FIFA ranking.

Here are the total minutes for every player involved in the tournament plus the four missing players due to injury. There is no doubt the final 18 players for the Rio Olympics are in the list below.

Houara D 270
Majri D 270
Delie A 259
Hamraoui M 257
M’Bock D 216
Le Sommer A 207
Necib M 206
Abily M 186
Thomis M 184
Delannoy D 180
Bouhaddi G 180
Lavogez M 176
Georges D 144
Gerard G 90
Bussaglia M 88
Asseyi A 19
Leger A 14
Bilbault M 13
Diani A 11
Phillipe G 0
Gadea D 0
Torrent D 0
Kaci M 0
Renard D ABS
Boulleau D ABS
Henry M ABS
Le Bihan M ABS


It is quite obvious that the 15 players from Houara to Bussaglia will be in the Olympics squad alongside Renard, Henry and Boulleau unless they are injured prior to the tournament.

Phillipe Bergeroo said the SheBelieves Cup was a good preparation for the Olympics tournament with games every three days.  He clearly did not rotate his squad a lot playing his tried and trusted players throughout the three games, with the exception of the goalkeeper position where he gave a game to Gerard.

Fringe players getting 19,14,13,11, and 0 minutes are unlikely to make the final cut but might get one of the four alternate places available.

So we are looking at those  likely 18 players for the Rio Olympics :

GK (2): Bouhaddi, Gerrard

DF (7): Renard, Houara, Delannoy, Georges, M’Bock Bathy, Majri, Boulleau

MF(7): Henry, Hamraoui, Necib, Abily, Thomis, Lavogez, Bussaglia

FW(2): Delie, Le Sommer

The 4 alternate players is another question and you could see Philippe the Montpellier goalkeeper who is having an excellent season as well as Le Bihan who is highly rated by the coach taking two of the four places.


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