The away fans, the forgotten fans in the FA WSL

Fans certainly wonder how the FA WSL fixtures list is built. Whether it is handpicked or computer generated, it is certainly not engineered to help away fans.

An important point is to note that statistically away fans do not exist for the FA . They are counted as home fans.

For example,Liverpool, Notts County, Reading, Yeovil, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal and many more have a loyal following.

We are obviously not talking about 2 or 3 000 fans like in the men’s game more likely from 10 to 100 supporters. They are a minority and that’s why they are not catered for.

They have no nuisance power and don’t make enough noise to annoy the FA. It’s a shame they are not offered a minimum of respect with a schedule that allow them to attend games.


Let’s have a look at the away travel games, where it will be difficult for fans to attend, considering not all the fans can drive to away games.

It is quite clear at the same time that fans travellng in their cars can go up and down the country and make every away game. Sometimes, they will probably have to take the afternoon off work and be back at home by like 2 or 3 am. I guess the FA’s expectation is for all away fans to use personal cars and not public transport.

Durham, Sunderland and Yeovil obviously have a lot of travel due to their location.

This is just a sample of the fixture list for March as an example, but it will be same every month throughout the year. The mileage numbers are round trips figures


Wed 23 Mar

Durham at Sheffield 242 miles ko 1900 no return train to Durham

Thu 24 Mar

Chelsea at Doncaster 374 miles ko 1945 no return train to London

Sat 26

Reading at Sunderland ko 1800  no return train to London, better make a week-end of it

Sheffield at Bristol ko 1800 no return train to Sheffield, better make a week-end of it


The whole 9 months schedule is as bad as this unfortunately and with BT Sport coming into the equation and changing dates and times, it can only get better… or worse.


3 thoughts on “The away fans, the forgotten fans in the FA WSL

  1. Public transport does not solely mean train travel. Plenty of people use coach. If you want to go to an away match it is still possible. It happens much more frequently in men’s football for example. If the demand was there women’s clubs would offer coach travel but in reality hardly anyone travels 100+ miles to an away game whether it is a weekday or weekend.


    • And coach travel in the UK does not have to mean chartered coach travel via a club, it can be a supporter club or a group of people hiring a van or by a National Express or Megabus coach


    • The numbers are not huge but I expect them to grow. But with a difficult scheduling it does not help. Regarding travelling with fellow fans, it really depends if they are ok or not.


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