The different cup ( FA and County cups) combined with the dreadful weather have played havoc with the fixtures list. Some games have been played today in the Southern Division while there was no League game in the Northern Division.


Northern Division

1.PNE 29 pts +38 pl 13

2.Forest 29 pts +16 pl 13

3. Stoke 26 pts + 20 pl 12

4. Blackburn 26 pts +15 pl 13

5. Derby 22 pts +4 pl 13

6. SC Albion 21 pts +13 pl 9


No changes in the Northern Division PNE and Forest level on points with Stoke virtually level with them. Blackburn chasing the leaders three points behind them. SC Albion also virtual leaders as they have four games on hand and would overtake the top two teams should they win all those four games.


Southern Division 

Forest Green Rovers 1-4 Brighton & Hove Albion
Lewes 1-3 Cardiff City LFC

  1. Brighton 44 pts +32 pl 18
  2. Cardiff* 33 pts +32 pl 14
  3. Charlton 32 pts +25 pl 14
  4. Coventry 30 pts +36 pl 14
  5. Portsmouth 29 pts +20 pl 15

Brighton keep their 11 points lead against the second team. Cardiff thanks to their win at Lewes overtake Charlton and Coventry. Those three teams have four games on hand over Brighton, so they could be really close to the Seagulls come the end of the season.

Brighton have four remaining League games, while the other title contenders have seven or eight games. They might be finished with their league fixtures by the end of March while other sides will be still playing come early May.

No wonder the FA decided to move the FA WSL to Summer football. But saying that, they still cannot arrange a proper scheduling in the Summer competition either.