The FA explains why the Manchester city charge was not proven

Arsenal Ladies will play Manchester City Women on Thursday the First of October following last week’s announcement that the charge had been found not proven. The FA have published the written reasons and they are just shambolic and damaging for the football’s governing body. And they are also certainly open to questioning.

Here is the FA statement on written reasons :

“Having considered all the evidence and on the basis of written and oral submissions, The FA Women’s Super League Management Committee was not able to satisfy itself that the Registration Form had not been received in the offices of The Football Association.

It was significant in the opinion of the Management Committee, that whilst the Registration Form could not be located and had not been processed, that written confirmation from The FA, in the form of email, had been received by Manchester City Women FC. 

This stated that the player, Kiera Walsh, had been registered prior to the match that was the subject of the charge taking place. In the light of the email and the overall course of events in this matter, it was the majority decision of the FA WSL Management Committee that the Rules of the FA WSL had not been broken in respect of the registration of Kiera Walsh

First, we learn that the charge was actually voted against by the committee and we do not know how it was voted except the result was not unanimous.

It is quite obvious that Manchester City have acted in good faith having sent the paperwork to the FA and then received an email from them confirming the registration. You can also find on the FA bulletin that Walsh was registered on the 1st of June 2015.

But the statement says that the form “could not be located and had not been processed”. So the FA had lost the form ? That is simply unbelievable, I mean we all make mistakes in our jobs but to lose a registration form takes the biscuit. The responsible FA employee is a dummy seriously speaking.

If the form has not been processed, why did the FA employee send an email to Manchester City saying the player had been registered ? That is not a logical way of doing things.

I am sure processing the registration means entering a lot of data in a computer. I am sorry, but if I am entering some data to complete a job for someone, I do NOT send an email saying the job is done until it is effectively done. Otherwise I am just  cutting corners. Does the FA employ people who are cutting corners in their job ? Surely not. I mean on a bigger scale it would mean many players are actually not correctly or not registered at all.

So, it does not make sense for someone at the FA to have sent an email stating the registration was made, if it had not been processed. Considering City were let-off because of that e-mail sent to them, it feels like something strange has happened behind the scene and it is a shame really.

It is a fact is the player’s registration was not processed, therefore City did play an unregistered player in good faith.

And yes I am an Arsenal Ladies  fan and therefore biased as my team would have benefited from City’s exclusion from the competition. So either it was a simple mistake by an FA employee or something else but we will never know as we will be kept in the dark forever.


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