FA WSL Continental Cup group stage now complete

The final game of the group stage was played yesterday afternoon with Watford Ladies defeating London Bees away by 3 goals to 2. We now know all the contenders for the Continental Cup quarter-finals ( sic).

Here is the final table for Group 1:

  1. Arsenal 15 pts
  2. Chelsea 12 pts
  3. Reading 9 pts
  4. Millwall 6 pts
  5. Watford 3 pts
  6. London Bees 0 pt

Arsenal, Chelsea and Reading are through to the quarter finals where they will play Manchester City, Birmingham and Notts County on the 13th of September ie two weeks ago.

The teams through to the semi-finals are Notts County, Liverpool, Birmingham and ?

As of today, we still do not know what is happening with the postponed Arsenal v Manchester City game.

As we all know Manchester City Women FC has been charged with fielding an ineligible player in The FA WSL Continental Tyres Cup and had until the 17th of September to respond to the charge.

As the deadline has now passed, you would expect some kind of communication from the FA, but there is nothing so far. we do not even know who is the supposedly ineligible player.

We do not know why the player was not registered properly and if the registration was not valid for one game only or if the League games might be  involved. It is a bizzare situation with a lack of transparency and you do wonder what will be the outcome of the charge. If there is a knock-on effect on the League results, the table might look really funny.

City’s results since the World Cup return are exceptional : W6 D1 in the League and W5 in the Continental Cup. it would be really strange to see a player being unregistered for a single game.

The competition semi-finals are supposed to be played on the 10/11th of October, so there is still time for the Arsenal v Man City game to be played, so we might not see anything from the FA for a while.


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