FA WSL 1 Matchday 12 preview

Bristol (8) v Birmingham (7)

The relegation battle at Stoke Gifford should be a tense affair with both side looking to save their bacon. Bristol will look to Boho-Sayo to score the important goals that would save them.

Birmingham will rely on Karen Carney for the creative side and also on their defensive strength to come back with a point or three.

Bristol did not play Boho-Sayo in the Conti Cup game last Sunday with the obvious idea to surprise the Blues defender on Saturday, a logical move.


Liverpool  (6) v Arsenal (4)

Last chance saloon for Liverpool to stay in the Champions League places race. Injuries cost them a lot this season, a comment that is also valid for Arsenal who blew away their title chance last week. The Gunners will probably need to win their remaining three games to make it to the Champions League.


Chelsea (1) v Notts County (5)

A repeat of the recent FA Women’s Cup final.  Notts County need a win to finish as close as possible to the second place. Should Chelsea win Sunday, Notts will be officially out of the title race.

Chelsea need to consolidate their lead as we all remember how they lost the title on final day with City injuring their goalkeeper and taking advantage of it. They will want to make sure, it does not happen again.

Considering Notts County did not try to attack in the FA Cup and reverted to last year’s solid gameplan, you wonder if they will show the attacking prowess we have seen from them in recent weeks or just their very structured gameplan.


Manchester City (3) v Sunderland (2)

The game will be shown live on BT Sport on Sunday at 6pm. Both sides are title contenders and cannot afford to drop points. City are in great form, unbeaten since the players returned from the world cup.

Sunderland have just been beaten by a WSL 2 side for the second time this season. You can expect the classic attack v defense scenario where Sunderland are strong and in control. If they can nullify City’s threat, they could well surprise us.


Teams maximum points :

6. Liverpool current  13 pts +1  maximum  25 pts

5. Notts County current 15 pts + 3 maxium 24 pts

4. Arsenal  current 18 pts +3 maximum 27 pts

3. Man City current 18 pts + 5 maximum 30 pts

2. Sunderland  current 20 pts + 7 maximum 29 pts

1. Chelsea  current 23 pts +11 maximum 32 pts

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