The FA WSL1 relegation battle

With four games to go the battle is heating up. The fact that the 14 league format is really short can be summed up by the fact that only three teams are mathematically safe at the moment. Chelsea, Sunderland and Arsenal.

The format is so absurd that Manchester City could be relegated should they loose all their remaining games and Bristol win all theirs. They should be safe by the next game. The same can be said of Notts County.

Liverpool are five and six points clear of the bottom two and would need to loose at least three out of their last five games to enter the relegation battle.

So the battle will be between Birmingham City currently with six and a -10 goal difference and Bristol Academy with five points and a – 18 goals difference.

Birmingham remaining games

Sunderland H 23.08

Bristol A 05.09

Notts County A 27.09

Arsenal A 04.10

Bristol remaining games

Liverpool A 22.08

Birmingham H 05.09

Man City A 27.09

Liverpool H 04.10

Birmingham have the most difficult schedule finishing the season with three away games including the decisive head to head tie at Bristol. if there is a winner on the day, it will be in pole position to stay up.

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One thought on “The FA WSL1 relegation battle

  1. I think Brum have a fair shot of getting something out of NC and Arsenal, and Bristol have a crack at getting something out of Liverpool twice. You can’t see Man City losing any game at the moment. I think it will be close but that Birmingham will edge Bristol on the day (or hold them, which is enough) and that Brizzle will go down.


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