Should Beth Mead get an England call up ?

Following her fantastic hat-trick against Chelsea and her current form that yielded 10 goals in 9 League games in the FA WSL 1 this season, there have been claims that Beth Mead deserves an England Senior call-up.


Her club manager was the first online of many who said that she deserved a call-up.

In the past, she has been called up for the all the younger England groups from the u15s to u23 level. She has been a consistent goalscorer for club and country, scoring at every level, as well as being top scorer in the Women’s Premier League on regular basis despite being 17 and 18 at the time.

With England starting their Euro 2017 qualifying campaign away to Estonia, it does make sense to bring her into the squad and ease her in against lower ranked opponents so that she can learn to live and work alongside the senior players.

However, there are question marks about Mead being successful at in international level. She was part of the England u20 World Cup where she scored a wonder goal against Mexico in their 1-1- draw. But she also failed to score the winning goal against the Korea Republic in a one v one situation. In addition, she was also guilty of missing a crucial penalty that would have sent England to the knock-out stage, with Nigeria winning the game 2-1 and going through.

That lack of composure at top level is certainly a big argument against her as we know international football is a step higher that the FA WSL, but she certainly is worth being given a chance in the near future if she can can keep her consistent scoring record.

Should she also scoree in the Champions League with Sunderland or another side, it would be another indication that she is ready to compete with the forwards that did so well for England at the recent FIFA 2015 Women World Cup in Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Should Beth Mead get an England call up ?

  1. Surely composure comes through exposure? There are plenty of cool heads in the England dressing room at the moment and as you say, it’s minnows we’re playing against aside from Belgium.

    We need new blood coming into England: both Aluko and Duggan were unimpressive at the World Cup — Aluko particularly I think is under threat; despite doing well thrashing easy teams she struggled at the WC. Duggan can only get better but Aluko is going to start losing pace now. We won’t see Jodie Taylor in France so it’s time to get those new players in. I hope we’ll see Jess Clarke getting international experience too.


    1. She should get a chance against Estonia but there are other strikers in the queue who also deserve a chance like Nikita Parris or Natasha Dowie for example.


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