The FA WSL 1 relegation battle

With this week-end’s results Manchester City are now getting away from the relegation zone leaving Birmingham City Ladies and Bristol academy to fight for survival. Man City are five points ahead of Blues and six points ahead of the Vixens with a game in hand as well. They are now safe unless, they start losing the majority of their games.

The FA WSL 1 bottom 3 table looks like this :

6. Manchester City 8 pts +0 a game in hand

7. Birmingham City 3 pts -6


8. Bristol Academy 2 pts -13

Birmingham remaining League games

Arsenal H 19.07

Liverpool H 26.07

Chelsea A 09.08

Sunderland H 23.08

Bristol A 05.09

Notts County A 27.09

Arsenal A 04.10

Bristol remaining League games

Man City H 18.07

Sunderland H 25.07

Notts County A 05.08

Liverpool A 22.08

Birmingham H 05.09

Man City A 27.09

Liverpool H 04.10

There is no doubt that the first team to win a game will get a huge psychological boost and that head to head game on the 5th of September might be decisive…. unless Bristol manage to beat Man City next Saturday and bring the Mancunians back in the mix.

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One thought on “The FA WSL 1 relegation battle

  1. MC’s win over Brum was far from convincing despite the top talent playing for them but Bristol have just haemorrhaged goals this year. I can’t see them taking anything from the Mancs.

    On the other hand, I think a Brum team with a fit in-form Karen Carney starting could at least get a point against Arsenal who just seem to be falling to bits at the moment, and they’ll have 2 chances to do so. Sunderland look another possible target but despite their lack of star power, Sunderland have just put in one solid performance after another.


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