FA WSL 2 Summer transfer window 2015

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts


In : Nia Jones ( Cardiff City Ladies), Nikki Watts ( Bristol Academy)

Out : Fran Kirby ( Chelsea Ladies )


In : Jade Lorton-Radburn

Out :


In : Sarah Wiltshire ( Manchester City), Alice Evans ( Bristol Academy)

Out :


In : Tricia Gould, Jordan Littleboy ( youth team), Trippoli Witney ( QPR), Vicky Neal

Out : Jenna Dear ( Chelsea – end of loan ), Cherie Rowlands ( C&K Basildon), Kate Natkiel ( Brighton ?), Yasmn Poole


In :

Out : Rosella Ayane ( Chelsea – end of loan)


In :Nicki Gears ( West Alabama), Natalie Gutteridge ( Sunderland)

Out : Jemma Purfield (University of South Alabama)


In : Kayleigh Hines

Out : Amy Chivers,

London Bees

In : Emma Whitter, Kate Bowers, Kara-May Howes ( MK Dons), Andrea Georgiou (first contract), Katherine Huggins ( first contract)

Out : Lois Colley ( LCU Lady Chaps)

Aston Villa

In : Abbeyleigh Stringer ( Birmingham)

Out : Maisie Baker

Everton ladies

In :

Out : Andy Spence (manager), Lucy Whipp ( St John’s University), Danielle Young


3 thoughts on “FA WSL 2 Summer transfer window 2015

  1. Yeovil strengthening their already formidable side, and losing Kirby is surely a blow for Reading. As a Belles supporter I’m pleased on the one hand that we might have a shot at the top spot but Yeovil are going to be even more of a terror in the second half of the season.


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