FA WSL 1 Summer transfer window 2015

This week’s transfers

Confirmed transfers

Extended contracts


In  : Rosie White (University of California)

Out  : Nicole Rolser( FC Bayern)


In : Jenna Dear ( Watford -end of loan), Rosella Ayane ( Millwall -end of loan ), Fran Kirby ( Reading Women), Hedvig Lindhal, Katie Chapman, Niamh Fahey, Hannah Blundell, Millie Bright,

Out  : Jackie Groenen ( Frankfurt)

Birmingham In : Charlie Wellings  ( first contract)

Out  : Sian Rogers ( Arsenal Ladies), Abbey-leigh Stringer ( Aston Villa)

Arsenal In : Sian Rogers ( Birmingham City), Marta Corredera ( FC Barcelona), Sari Van Veenendal ( FC Twente), Dominique Janssen ( Essen), Emma Byrne, Emma Mitchell, Alex Scott, Casey Stoney

Out : Caroline Weir (Bristol Academy), Siobhan Chamberlain ( Notts County- loan), Lianne Sanderson

Manchester City

In  : Daphne Corboz ( Georgetown Hoyas ), Stephanie Houghton ( 2017), Keira Walsh ( 2017 first contract), Karen Bardsley 2017, Jill Scott 2017

Out : Sarah Wiltshire ( Yeovil)

Notts County

In : Siobhan Chamberlain ( Arsenal Ladies -loan), Amy Turner ( first contract)

Out  : Fiona O’ Sullivan ( assistant coach University of San Fransisco)

Bristol In  : Caroline Weir (Arsenal), Jade Boho-Sayo (Rayo Vallecano), Hannah Short ( ETSU), Hannah Reid ( Hibernians), Evdokia Popadinova, Tatiana Pinto ( SC Sand), Marije Brummel (Apollon Limassol),  Georgia Evans (first contract)

Out :Isobel Dalton, Alice Evans (Yeovil Town), Alexandra Hurst ( Swindon Town), Nikki Watts ( Reading)


In : Stephanie Roche ( Houston Dash), Hilde Gunn Olsen (Arna Biørnar)

Out  : Natalie Gutteridge ( Durham Women), Emma Kelly


6 thoughts on “FA WSL 1 Summer transfer window 2015

  1. More talent leaving Bristol, and more Spaniards into Arsenal, despite Losada and Natalia being underwhelming. No wonder Arsenal were bidding for Kirby.


  2. That’s a massive buy-in for Bristol.

    Not surprised to see Chamberlain leave Arsenal, she’s barely had a game there, surprised she’s only gone to NC on loan behind Telford rather than becoming someone else’s #1.


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