England 23 players squad for Canada as voted by you

There were a total of 131 answers, we will see today if it is close to Mark Sampson squad.

Goalkeepers (3)

CarlyTelford 117 votes

Siobhan Chamberlain 105 votes

Karen Bardsley 86 votes

Outfields (20)

Eniola Aluko 107 votes F1

Jordan Nobbs 106 votes M1

Karen Carney 98 votes F2

Jodie Taylor 97 votes F3

Katie Chapman 95 votes M2

Claire Rafferty 94 votes D1

Fran Kirby 94 votes F4

Lucy Bronze 90 votes D2

Jill Scott 90 votes M3

Stephanie Houghton 89 votes D3

Laura Bassett 87 votes D4

Lianne Sanderson 87 votes F5

Alex Scott 86 votes D5

Fara Williams 84 votes M4

Gemma Davison 83 votes  F6

Gemma Bonner 77 votes D6

Casey Stoney 76 votes  D7

Anita Asante 74 votes M5

Jo Potter 70 votes M6

Ellen White 66 votes  F7

3 Goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 6 midfielders and 7 forwards selected


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