Reading v Yeovil

This is a game I will describe as curious. First we had two drumming band competing for noises.
I think I still have headaches from those and they actually prevented me from concentrating properly on the game.
Reading more or less won the first half and Yeovil won the second half.

I had a very interesting conversation with another fan about the result especially the second half. He says Yeovil wanted it more, won most of the second balls and pressurised Reading into making mistakes. I said Reading did not do enough with their passing quality to unlock Yeovil’s defense. I think both of us were right and it was a combination of Yeovil excellent work rate and Reading not finding solutions.

There was a semi controversial moment when Reading were chasing an equaliser at 3-2 when there were
strong calls for a penalty for a handball. Ellie Curson made a sliding tackle to prevent a close range shot and the ball went into corner. Did it hit her hand ? It might have …but the rule says it is a penalty only if there is intent. So right decision no penalty.

I have to mention the pitch looked bobbly and the grass quite high, this was not the best for passing football but Yeovil adapted much better to this particularly in the second half.

What surprised me most in the second half was Reading inability to do something with the ball under great pressure from Yeovil. If you are pressed, there area are to hit to find space and move the game away from your own half. This is something you see in rugby when a team just kicks the ball into the open area to find breathing soace. Or you raise the quality level from your short passing and improve off the ball movement.

Reading were smothered by Yeovil as a snake would do with their prey. Great tactics and organisation won the game.


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