England U19 back in business after UEFA decision to replay final minutes of Norway game ( edited)

So the England Norway game will have its final minutes replayed tonight at 2145. Game will restart at 90+6 minutes with the penalty being retaken as it should have happened on the day.

The landscape has totally changed for England U19. They now have a chance to finish top of the group and overtake Norway on general goal difference.

Group 4 games :

Switzerland 1 Northern Ireland 0

England 9 Northern Ireland 1

Norway 2 Switzerland 0

England 3 Switzerland 1

Norway 8 Northern Ireland 1

(Norway 2 England 1 to be continued)

England and Norway have 6 points each. England’s overall goal difference is + 10, Norway’s overall goal difference is + 9 . England need a draw to win the group.

There are 3 options tonight

1. Norway beat England:  England are runner up and have 3 pts on the runner up table and the goal difference from the Switzerland and Norway game only

2. England beat Norway: England are top of the group through to the finals in Israel

3. Should the England Norway finish with a draw :  England will go through as group winners. Norway will go through as best runner-up

Group winners

Group 1 Spain 9 pts

Group 2  Sweden 7 pts

Group 3 France 9 pts

Group 4 England 7 pts

Group 5 Germany 9 pts

Group 6 Denmark 9 pts

Runner-ups ( only games against 1st and 3rd in the table count for the best runner-up ranking)

Group 1 Portugal 1 pt 1-3 OUT

Group 2 Italy  3 pts 4-4 OUT

Group 3 Russia 3 pts 4-2 OUT

Group 4 Norway 4 pts BEST RUNNER UP

Group 5 Belgium  1 pt  3 – 5 OUT

Group 6 Netherlands 3 pts 6 -1 OUT


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