Millwall Lionesses v London Bees 0-0

It was an entertaining  game last night, only thing missing were goals. Just a little bit more composure was needed while shooting and al;so quality final ball from both side. Sophie Harris was excellent in goal for London Bees and made a few important saves. Overall Millwall created more goalscoring opportunity throughout the game while London Bees were on top towards the end of the game and could have nicked a win.

Millwall were playing in a 4-4-2 diamond system with Billson in the classic number 10 position while the two center forward were deployed quite wide. That system could be construed as a 4-3-3 with a false number 9. London Bees were playing in a classical 4-1-4-1 system although question could be asked about the defensive shape from the 5 midfield players. There was a lot of permeability in that midfield and that was quite unexpected as you would think with Bees being 5 v 4 in the midfield area, they should have made that numerical superiority count. In fact, they did manage to dominate when Becky Anderson came on the pitch with about half an hour to go. She brought stability and consistence with that midfield as well as her sharp passing and off the ball movement creating space and time.

Millwall took adavantage of the relative lack of pace from the London Bees center back pairing going through the middle multiple time by simply winning the foot race against a defense that was playing quite high at the time but the finish did not match the build up in when those chances presented themselves.

At time London Bees were using their lone striker as an outlet to relieve the defensive pressure and go quickly out of their defensive while  they also tried to build up play through the middle with  a high  density of players in the middle area. For some reasons, they did not often try to attack the main known weakness  from the diamond midfield ie defending width. And Millwall won the midfield battle for most of the games until Anderson came on in central midfield to support Fellows who was outnumbered at times.

Overall, it was an interesting to see London Bees with their huge change of personnel during the winter break and how the Lionesses would perform after the recent cup success.  Goals will certain come and flow for both side if the attacking players and those who give the final ball can get a little more extra quality in their play.


Millwall Lionesses : Quantrill, Cowan, Cole, Lennon, Strugnell, Fisk, Sherwood (Edwards 61), Babajide (Albert 77), Agg, Goss, Billson (Butler 86)

Subs not used: Gibbs, James

London Bees : Harris, Hurley, Dempster, Connor-Iommi, Howells (Benson 85), Goddard, Fellows, Fraser, Nicol (Anderson 64), Williams (Huggins 87), LoomesSubs not used: Riches, Georgiou, Wakefield

Att: 205


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