FA Women’s Cup Round 4 draw ( updated)

The draw for the FA Women’s Cup 4th Round has been disclosed .

Next round will see 7 FA WSL 1 and 1 FA WSL 2 team enter the competition. It is a good incentive for the FA WPL teams to win that round and then have a potential giantkiling in Round 5.

There will be one tie between WSL 2 teams, Radcliff Olympics who play in the fourth tier and upset WSL 2 team Durham will be away to Sheffield.

We are guaranteed a minimum of 4 FA WPL teams in round 5, 7  FA WSL 1 and 2 FA WSL 2 teams out of  16 teams.

Update :  Reading thrown out of the Cup after an administrative error, Crystal Palace replace them and will play against Charlton.


WSL 2 v WSL 2

Aston Villa v Yeovil Town

WSL 2 v FA WPL Southern (3)

Watford v Keynsham Town

Charlton Athletic  v  Reading Women

Portsmouth v Millwall Lionesses

 WSL 2 v FA WPL Northern (3)

Bradford City v Doncaster Rovers Belles

FA WPL Northern (3)   v FA WPL Northern (3)

Stoke City v Coventry City

FA WPL Northern (3) v FA WPL Southern (3)

Derby County v Tottenham Hotspur

FA WPL Northern (3) ) FA WPL Midlands Division 1 ( 4)

Sheffield v Radcliffe Olympic

FA WPL Southern (3) V  FA WPL South East Division 1 (4)

Charlton v Crystal Palace

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